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I have an i7-920 on the evga x58 motherboard it's been running fine but lately if I just tap the case and it shuts off, so I tested the power alone tx850 corsair with a paper clip. taped the case,,, it's fine. Pluged it into the EVGA x58 (with nothing else pluged on board) taped the case,,, shuts off.. even taped lightly SHUTS OFF! HELP!!!!
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  1. I had the same problem last week. I thought it might be the power supply as well. I unplugged everything as well. I took a wood dowel (non-conductive) to test the mainboard circuits. When the capacitor above the PCI slot was touched barely, it turned off. I was able to replicate this test 3X over, with no other circuits producing that result. It was definitely the capacitor. If a capacitor is loose only; you may be able to just re-solder it. Or you can replace it. This would depend on how much of the circuit (or connection) has been damaged, and if there is enough contact left for re-soldering.
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