Hard drive Power from USB enclosure

I currently got a used IBM xseiers 346 server.

I want to add some more hard drives to this and put in a PCI hard drive controller.

The problem I'm having it there is no IDE power cables.

Also there is no room inside this server for IDE hard drives anyways.
Soo.. i took out a small rack from a old PC I have and put the hard drives in there. The SATA cables reach no problem from the PCI card to outside of the case however I still have no power.

I do have a USB hard drive hard drive enclosure. I have IDE power splittlers etc and was thinking of running 3 drives off this enclosures power. I did some checking, the enclosures power power supply is rated for 2000mA

Now i check the websites for my hard drives and they all say something like 300mA idle 450-500mA read/write

So if its just a matter of math. 3 drives and lets say there all reading at the same time thats 1500mA max rounding up still giving me some overhead.

Does anyone see a problem with this. I know its not what the Enclosure is for but I think it might work.

Any other ideas would be great. However my hydro bill is big how it is. I dont want to run a power supply from a old desktop just to power 3 hard drives.

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  1. Using the power adapter from the external enclosure should work fine.

    You could also splice off one of the power wires from the PSU and run it to your HDs. Normally all you have to do is match colors, you could even pull from the main 24 pin power connector.

    In this case because the wire colors on the PSU may not be standard you may want to check a wire diagram. You need a 5v a 12v and a ground.
  2. yeah I was thinking the other way would be to get out the volt meter and find what wires I need to break into.. However its not to easy on this system the way its setup.

    Thanks for the quick replay though
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