Need for Speed graphics stutter, jerk,lag,Windows 7

Ok.I just built this system

x2 crossfired ATI Radeon 4650 (1gb/600mhz clock per card)
x2 samsung f3 500gb raid0
AMD Phenom 9950
4gb Corsair Dominater 1066mhz ddr2
Asus M4A78 Plus
450W PSU
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Everything seems to work fine but when I try to play Need for Speed Pro Street the graphics are so jerky so bad I can hardly play.They usually jerk under an overpass or around a corner or when I bump into another car.To see if it was just the game's problem I installed the Underground 2 demo.It is only worse.I don't think it is a driver issue because I have another game that I can run at full resolution and it is liquid.I updated my video driver to 9.11 but to no avail.I contacted EA.And after waithing for and hour they told me to do a clean boot.It helped a little.I had Win xp 32bit on this same system before win 7 and the game ran liquid on it.I am regretting buying windows 7 if xp games better...I did run the dxdiag on the 9.0c version and it comes up with all sorts of errors.The DX 11 one doesn't though.I updated the 9.0c version to no luck.Please help.........Considering buying another hardrive for xp so I can enjoy my system.
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  1. Hi KOnakid,

    Rmove ur one card and play the game with a single card and see waht happens
    First Remove the two cards,Name the cards as A and B
    1.Install the card A and play the game,Then test by removing A and installing B!
  2. Ok thanks.Ive tried that.Seems to not help.Are my temps too hot at around 58deg?I also "uncrossfired" them to no avail.
  3. Any more ideas?? Anyone?
  4. Just stopped by to mention I also have the exact same problem.

    I had a 8800GTS G92 at first. Which didn't stutter at all. Then I got my 4870x2, and when it gave me problems in NFS Prostreet and GTA IV, I sent it back for replacement. During that time I had a 7600GT which despite being really slow it didn't stutter. I got the replacement for 4870x2, same problem. Sent it back, got a 5870 1GB instead. Still SAME PROBLEM.

    In short, no nVidia card had the problem, only the ATI cards. I don't get it. Why?
  5. What other games have you tried? If it works normal in other games, it's clearly a problem with the game or optimization of drivers for the game.
  6. Oh dang, I didn't even notice. Poor guy never got help!
  7. skolpo said:
    Oh dang, I didn't even notice. Poor guy never got help!

    That might be because he bumped his thread.
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