Need a cheap, silent case

I'm looking to spend not a whole lot on the case aspect of my build... the main thing I'm going for is getting it as quiet as i can for a good price. i don't want to exceed $100 if possible, and the lower the better!

it needs to be able to house at least 5 harddrives, and an IDE one... some front usb ports would be nice as well.. but other than that i don't care a whole lot.. just would like it to be fairly roomy.

(i'm intending on a i7-860 build right now)

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  1. Ditch the IDE drive! SATA drives are cheap enough!

    Case-wise have a look at Lancool Dragon Lord cases - designed and built by Lian Li just made out of steel not Aluminium.
  2. long term plan is to get rid of the IDE with a larger SATA, but trying to keep the initial upgrade price down.. as it keeps.. getting.. higher as i keep being tempted by cool stuff! haha. that case does look really nice! If only it had 5 harddrive spots.. otherwise it would be perfect and still might be, so thanks a bunch for the tip!
  3. The Dragon Lords doesn't have 5 drive bays?

    Just checked and they have 4 native 3.5 inch bays and 5 5.25 inch bays, which is more than you'd ever need, so you could convert one to a 3.5 inch bay.

    There's the Antec 300 which has 6 3.5 inch bays, but cable management's not the best (i.e. can't tuck cables behind the mobo) - the Black Illusion version looks v.nice though.

    Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced Dominator has 7, plus a built-in SATA drive dock - plenty of space in this case.

    Xigmatek Midguard has 5

    Everything else is getting expensive.
  4. I think the Cooler Master CM-690 II is better than the antec 300!
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