Help, crucial m4 or OCZ vertex plus


quick query for you guys if possible. I need to decide and buy a ssd drive for my desktop tomorrow (yes, will be tomorrow). I have 2 options:

vertex plus 60GB

or crucial m4 64GB

now, price matters as i don't have the real extra money but i don't want to say "i should have bought the other one" so if i need to make the extra effort, i'll make it.

the OCZ 1 is U$S125 here while the m4 is U$S180 here. The only usage i'll be giving to my computer is playing computer games and random stuff, music/movies/browsing, office, etc.

The other computer specs are as follows:

i5 2500k
mother biostar z68
biostar tz68k+
8gb ddr3 1333mhz gskill
xfx ati 6950

any recommendations ? i have seen some threads but not with this specific pc usage on these 2.

thank you!
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  1. please someone !!! :( gotta decide before tomorrow hehe
  2. The Crucial m4 is popular with gamers and enthusiasts.
  3. definitely the crucial's famous for its reliability (and performance, compared with the vertex plus)
  4. Crucial
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