Brand New PC Shutting off with games

Alright, brand new pc( turned on for the first time today) is shutting off after playing far cry 2 for about 5 minutes. Now i cant even install any other games, and the computer is shutting down with a heavy load. Apparently the random shut downs have corrupted windows 7, and now the OS(windows 7 64bit) wont even come on. I called cyber power, and they are blaming the power supply, saying it is not enough. They are basing this claim on the fact that i updated i5 750 to an i7 860, i used an extreme overclock, updated the video card from a 5770, and the added HDD. They claim i need 800w to run everything. Im worried thats bulls**t, but what do i know. However there are alot of demanding components.

CPU: i7 860 2.8GHZ with 30% overclock
GPU: ATI radeon 5850
Mobo: Gigabyte P55 ud3
Astek Liquid Cooling
HDD: Raid 0 500gb X2 with two identical hard drives
RAM: 4gb (2gbx2) A-Data gaming serious DDR@ 1600
PCU: Apevia 700watt power supply

Any help would be awesome indeed!!
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  1. You do not need an 800 watt power supply. What you do need is a better power supply. Apevia's are not high quality units. They are not even medium quality units.

    I'd get one of these:
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)
  2. I agree with the PSU verdict. 700W from a decent PSU would be enough. Did you change the parts yourself or configure on their website?
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    Apevia PSUs are fecal; when jonnyguru reviews them, most of them melt or blow electronic chunks when loaded. A quality 550W PSU from Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic would run your rig just fine.
  4. Also seen as u have OC ur CPU, have u checked ur temps??

    if i were u id get a new PSU, and a good brand that has all ready been mentioned

    and also check ur temps if u havent
  5. corsiar.
    Yea the temps were fine, i have a full digital temp/fan control display on the front of the case(i paid alot for this crap). nothing went above 40C, but now since the OS is waxed i cant even check it again. Im just sending the whole dam thing back to cyber power. For the money i spent i want a brand new PC with NO PROBLEMS. I should have done my homework on the PSU, i did well on searching all the other components.

    Im going for a 750W corsiar, Good choice??

    PS: i talked to the guy a cyberpower and i sent FARCRY 2 back with it, I told him i want all the components rechecked or not to send it back to me at all...
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  7. I understand the screw up(allthough should have been caught by cyberpower) and i have sent it back today. After researching and listening to everyone i feel like i tried to put unleaded gas in my space shuttle haha.
  8. Well, hopefully they'll send you a proper machine, or at least refund ALL of your money so you can build it yourself.
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