Need help overclocking my fx8150

Hey guys, I'm trying to overclock my fx8150 but it keeps crashing windows even at just 4.1 GHz and 1.4V (at 4.5 GHz won't even load windows). I'm using my motherboard's automatic OC tools, so I guess those are the right numbers, it automatically updates voltage based on clock rate. Temps are fine, 40C. I have turbo and spread spectrum disabled. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. you probably just got a bad chip, push more volts through it, or try raising the HT a bit instead
  2. So I tried everything, pushed volts up to 1.50 just at 4.1 - no go! I also tried using AMD Overdrive software, SUPER easy to get to 4.6 GHz; I just put it in! However, games don't run correctly. They are choppy and jumpy like they're on caffeine. So do I continue to try BIOS that doesn't work or software that doesn't quite work? So close...
  3. Same problem here.

    8 Gb 2133 G-Skill ram (my mobo defaults this to 1600 automatically)
    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 mobo
    Thermaltake WATER2.0 Pro
    850w Rosewill Extreme psu

    This chip runs at 3.6 out of the box. Even at an easy 4.0 OC, games are not stuttering in a laggy way, but they don't run smoothly...I'd call it "jittery." Camera pans (in first person) are jumpy, elevator rides bounce instead of glide, etc. Some animations seem too fast? Even in older games that would be completely overpowered by these speeds. As OP said, it will easily OC to 4.6 using the AI suite that Asus provides (at 1.4v), and probably beyond.

    OK, so kill the OC, you say. I noticed this too: If I try to step it back down, it won't go. Monitors say it is stlll running at the OC speed. Is that normal? Even if I restart, the machine will boot at the OC speed still. (The OC is not set in the bios, and does not start automatically). To get it back down to the base 3.6, I have to shut down completely, unplug, then restart. Is it that my hardware monitor is simply reading old numbers, or is something funky? How do you know when you've got a bad chip exactly, and how do you prove it for RMA purposes?

    BTW: As mentioned, my mobo defaults the ram at 1600. If I try to set it in the bios to any other speed (faster or slower), the system will not post. Is that weird? Is the "jittery" performance issue a bad/incompatible RAM problem?
  4. Are your volts dropping when running p95? try using llc
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