First time building, need some help

This is my first time building a computer, and I need some help and opinions. This is what I have so far, which will mainly be used for gaming

The main thing is that i need a power supply, but I'm not sure what to get. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible, but i realize that I don't want something too cheap or it will be unreliable. I'm also not sure if I should get the 5770, or a card that doesn't do dx11, but is more powerful. If I were to get a different card, what would be recommended for around the same price? Last but not least, I've heard that getting a Caviar Black would be better instead of the Green, because the Green is only a 5400 rpm drive. Is this true, and how much faster would the Black be.

Thanks in advance for your help. Also, if anyone has other opinions about this build, let me know, because i'm open to changing things around. The only parts i've bought so far are the case and dvd drive.
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  1. Good build.

    The 5770 is the best possible solution. Not as powerful as the 4890, but it offers better image quality, lower power consumption and it has DirectX11.

    The Green is indeed horribly slow. It's hard to put a number on it, but I'd go with 20%. However, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 (500GB or 1TB) is far better than even the best WD and at roughly same price.
  2. I'd use this to figure out what wattage to get for a psu
    I always liked BFGs power supplies. Make sure that its rated 80+. Otherwise your just wasting power.

    I'd recommend a DX11 card. Only that its to help 'future proof' your PC. I've always liked Nvidia, and i'm personally holding out for their dx11 cards, but the 5770 isn't a bad choice considering the cpu your getting.

    If you want top performance, go w/ the black. It has higher transfer speeds because its got a faster spindle speed.

    so this would be much better right?

    also, what about a power supply. i have no idea what wattage i would need
  4. alright, i calculated it and says i'll need around 420W. so would i be good with this psu?
  5. that should work...

    I usually get a beefier PSU than i really need just to future proof it.
    In case you do any upgrades
  6. I personally wouldn't go for a GS series BFG psu. They are BFG's lower end PSUs and while I'm not saying they are horrible, you do have a few alternatives. They do have a solid LS line of PSUs but they are probably sold out/hard to get at this point.

    There are plenty of awesome PSU suppliers: Corsair, PC power & cooling, enermax, antec, etc. But other than OCZ, antec has some great prices.
  7. I would like to point out that the DVD burner you chose is IDE, which is not the best option, see if you can get a SATA one instead.
  8. +1 Silvune good call.

    Just choose a brand you trust, i'd make sure its an 80+ certified PSU. They are more expensive, but waaay more efficient.
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