i have 500w cooler master psu is enough for xfx gtx 260.
my pc cong is
amd x4 9850be
4gb ram 800mhz
asus m3n78-em
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  1. Canu please gave me the exact model of the psu?
    EDIT:Is this ur PSU?
  2. cooler master RS-500-PCAR-A3
  3. according to nvidia minimum system requirement is 500watt.
  4. Its the extreme power series. It may be enough to power your card. But i suggest you change it. It has countless issues and its reliability is next to zero. Hard to believe that such a PSU came out in the market from such a reputed manufacturer! People have complained that it has blown up in their face many times. Not only this forum but in other forums where i hang out. Probably not the best PSU choice. Cooler Master Real Power and Silent Power are better options.
  5. what about xfx gts250
  6. The problem is not with the power! But its with the reliability. Its can run GTS250, HD4850, HD4770 and cards within that range. But its prone to blow. You might have spent 3000 INR on that card, but it may end up causing 15000 INR worth of damage before it blows up!
  7. Why not get the video card you want and consider the cost of the PSU as part of the upgrade?
    Yes, I know - money. But how much money will you save if you POS Cooler Master fails and fries something expensive.

    This has just as much usable power and it's not that expensive:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp rail @ 50 C)
  8. can u see xfx gts 250 gs-250x-zdfc the min powre requi is 400w can hi run on my psu
  9. Agasin I must say....
    The problem is not with the power! But its with the reliability. Its can run GTS250, HD4850, HD4770 and cards within that range.
  10. Your CM PSU will be ok for the GTS 250 but if u are going to buy a gtx 260,as jsc said,Buy a corsair cx 400
  11. Hey,people. We are figuratively wasting our breath here. Let the thread die.
  12. This will do the math for you.

    As for what brands are good ....forget brands. It's the various lines within a brand that determine quality. You will want to pick from the 1st 3 groupings below if you are using twin GFX cards and OC'ing more than 25-30%.

    Antec SG Series - "cream of the crop".....rated 10 in performance on jonnyguru and makes Editors's Choice list at where you will also find the Seasonic X-650 and Enermax Modu82+ 625W

    Antec CP Series - a mix here, while the 850 model gets a 10 at jonnyguru, the 1000 watter is only slightly more powerful than the 850. The CP-850 makes silentpcreview's Editor's Choice list.

    Corsair HX Series - Equal to the Antec SG / CP series electrically but it's noise output keeps it off the silentpcreview EC listing....but it does make the recommended listing

    Corsair TX / Antec TP / TPX Series - More than adequate for most builds including moderate overclocking.
  13. r u sure about my psu
    12v rail @18amp only.plz reply
  14. س مروڑی نہیں اپ کتنا اقتدار سے بجلی کی فراہمی کس طرح قابل اعتماد ہے لیکن
  15. what about corsair vx550 is enough for xfx 260
  16. what abt corsair vx 550 is enough for xfx 260
  17. ^Yes
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