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In a nutshell , what do firewalls do? are they really good at stopping spyware and malware? and what are other possible ways to stop malware and spyware?, other than installing a antispyware software and firewalls. Im asking this because just recently ive been infected with malware,( which Avira Antivir personal didnt pick up :fou: ) and i im not really sure if my comodo firewall is doing its part well considering that i have been infected.

Oh and also an ebay broken shortcut somehow found its way to my pc and is considered malware by my Malware bytes' AntiMalware software, does anybody know how it got there? and i havent even installed any ebay software... :??:

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  1. The Windows firewall is supposed to stop unwanted stuff entering the computer -- for example you can't freshly join a network with Windows firewall turned on.

    Most third party firewalls offer the extra of stopping stuff leaving the computer (passwords, bank account details - for example).

    I think you should have an unintrusive Malware program that works at start up (Malwarebytes, SuperAntiVirus) and a proven antivirus (AVG, Avast) plus you should regularly run programs like CCleaner and or Easy Cleaner which can clear out the detritus in which tha bad stuff may be hiding and spot stuff that shouldn't be there (for example in the Registry or Start Up).

    Above all, stay away from sites you know you shouldn't be visiting anyway.
  2. They way hardware firewalls or regular firewalls work is they only allow data on certain ports/subnets to communicate. The firewalls now-a-days for Windows do this PLUS they can look at the actual program that's trying to connect.

    The firewall may not prevent the malware from being installed, but it should prevent it from phoning home.
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