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I have been attempt to build a desktop to use and have come across road block. When I attempt to power the system the fans turn on fine but there is no picture on my monitor and no sound from the computer. I called ASUS phone support and they told me remove and swap the RAM around... nothing. They told me to swap the jumpers... nothing. I've tried just about everything and nothing works. I've used HDMI, DVI, VGA and I still get nothing on my monitor. I've tried connecting LED objects to my USB drives and nothing works.

My first thought was to RMA the motherboard and try again, but the ASUS technician told me that I might have a faulty CPU and the system may not be able to get past it but I'm not sure what the problem is.

I have an AMD Anthlon X3 445 CPU and a M4A88TD-M motherboard. Any idea on what the problem might be? The HDD is spinning, the fans work, the DVD drive opens and closes, the power LED turns on when I hit on (but it wont turn off), there is a green light on my motherboard, etc. Should I RMA the mobo, or could it be a problem with the CPU?
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  1. Thank you for that guide! That is the exact problem I'm having now just hope to find a solution.
  2. Ok so I think I may have found the problem but I'm not 100% sure... my motherboard manual says the CPU needs a 12v 4pin plug. I have a 12v 4 pin plug but looking at my PSU manual it shows a CPU connector specific plug that has 8 pins. I looked it up online and it does say you can plug a 8 pin into a 4 pin and vice versa but the only problem is it will not fit... Do I really have to use the CPU specific plug or should my 12v plug (same color scheme just less pins) do the job?
  3. Picture of your motherboard shows a 4 pin CPU power socket on the motherboard.

    Most PSU's have either both a 4 pin and an 8 pin CPU power connector or an 8 pin connector that can be split into two four pin connectors. If you have the latter, one of the 4 pin connectors will fit.

    What kind of PSU?
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