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Hey, I'm doing a build (my first) and I've got a 3rd party heatsink. Now, it's come with some thermal paste (or thermal grease, as they call it). My question is simple; should I just use this, or is it worth getting different thermal paste?
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  1. Why am I not allowed to edit?

    Anyways, just wanted to add that it's Xigmatek paste. I can't find like, a name or anything more specific than just Xigmatek.
  2. Yea, just use the paste that came with the cooler. In all actuality, which paste you use doesn't matter in normal situations. All that matters is that you have some. Some may dry out faster than others, but that still takes years and in normal situations your CPU will still run cool enough and you'll never know.
  3. Okay, great!
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