6GB dualchan vs 8GB trichan

Planning to build a Core i7 build, which of these RAM kits should I get?

8GB: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145315&cm_re=2_x_4GB-_-20-145-315-_-Product
6GB: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145253

The 6GB kit is cheaper, faster, and has better timings. I would imagine the additional speed, better timings, and triple channel would beat out the extra 2GB. Am I right?
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  1. Definantly the 6gb set... Rarely do you ever use even 6gb's during intense gaming. If you're not worried about money.

    If you are, then gskill memory has been getting some good reviews around here lately, and I also built a budget system for someone with some gskill and it booted up flawlessly with solid memtests.
  2. thanks!
  3. Wow, that's some cash for those sticks. What's the CAS timing? 6?

    @blckhaze: Cute dog! Like mine?
  4. lol thanks,

    Yeah, dogs are great :D
  5. foscooter said:
    Wow, that's some cash for those sticks. What's the CAS timing? 6?

    For the 6GB kit, CAS latency is 7.
  6. That's a mean set of ram right there, I think I would go with what hell_storm suggested
  7. They are mean... but really do you think 12GB of RAM is something we need in these days? 4GB of RAM is enough.

    Heck, even 6GB is overkill most of the time.

    @Blackhaze: Do you think games nowadays are made to use 4GB to the full, i am a bit out of touch with gaming these days?!!!

    These are some other options that you should look at!



  8. Nope, but I'm looking at the price. If he is willing to pay $250-$300 for 6gb, then why not spend an extra 100~ for 12gb of even faster ram!

    Do people put big chromed engines in their cars so they can drive faster?
    Do people buy rolex watches because they keep better time?
    I just saw that ram and got all excited... I'm a "computer nerd"... its to be expected :D
  9. Ya that is why posted that link.

    Well it would be quite sometime since the games and apps reach 6GB. Some application servers may need 6GB to run properly nowadays but no games from what i know!
  10. just found out the i7 doesn't run RAM faster than 1066 unless you OC it?? So buying RAM faster than 1066 MHz is pointless?
  11. It's standard is 1066, and when you put the ram in, it'll automatically set it at 1066 usually. You'll have to go in and manually set the ram to the right speed and timings. There are benchmarks to show that higher mhz/better timings do have better results.

    Maybe someone else can explain exactly how all that works with the standard 1066mhz thing... It's not pointless though.
  12. I wouldn't trust myself to do that.
  13. It's very simiple, You go into your Bios and tell it to set the memory to use profile 1.

    This will set the memory voltage and the Cas setting to manuf specs. It will also probably raise your BClock to (if memory is 1600 - recommended) 200 and lower your Proc Multiplier so the CPU is at the correct rated Freq. That is what happened on my I5-750 and My wifes I3-540 build.

    (1) Unless you do this there is no reason to buy the higher ened memory.

    (2) The choice of 6 or 8 gigs will be based on your MB choice. If you buy a P55 or a H55/57 Go with the 8 gigs. These chipsets run DDR3 in dual channel mode and you need to purchase in sets of two. If goinging with the X58 MB then you would get a set of 3 for triple channel operation (6 Gigs)

    (3) If willing to go into BIOS (people here will Help) go for the Best speed/timings you can get. I also low for @ the Lowest voltage, ie less than 1.65V
    Hell_storms first choice is great, DDR3-1600, CL6 @1.6 V. Lower cost would be the G-Skill 4/6 gig kits AT 1600 with a CL7 rating. Although the CL6 would be faster in bench marks, you would not notice the difference in real life and enjoy the savings.

    Added pointer.
    After assembling your new system always run memtest from a bootable disk BEFORE loading the operating system.
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