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I am looking to swap my 512mb PC2700 CL2.5 Crucial stick for 2x256 PC3200 (any CL) or 2x256 PC2700 CL2.0. This'd be a straight across swap. I bought the ram off newegg not realizing my mobo has dual channel ddr support, and I'm looking to exploit it.

Each person would pay their own shipping. Lemme know what you think. Oh, and US only. I don't know jack about international shipping and don't think it worth the while.


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  1. Why would someone swap CL2.5 for CL2.0 for the same amount of memory? Think about what you are asking. Someone might swap 2x256 pc2700 CL2.5 for your 1 stick.
  2. Well, its because higher density modules are worth more. If you just have 2 slots on your motherboard, and already have 2x256mb, you'd have to buy a whole freaking gig, not just 512mb if you wanted to hit a gig. The CL2 is a way of adding value for a more valuable product.

    But, since I don't really give a rats (I don't really NEED CL2), I'm also willing to accept CL2.5, just so long as its a solid brand like Kingston, Crucial, SimpleTech,... there are some other good ones. Micron chips are quite reliable.

    ?! <--- indicates clueless excitement.
  3. I've got 2x256 kingston hyperx pc3000 cl2 ram, what brand is your 512 pc3200?????

    lmk plz. :0)

  4. oh lol, it says crucial right on the post.

  5. he also said his was pc2700... read again.

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  6. if only your ram said golden dragon value series. I need a clip that would be able to run with my 512 pc3200 giel golden dragon. Damn... Guess I'll just keep the 2x hyperx in my secondary rig. Sorry to bother you. Free bumps for you though

  7. I'll swap you two halves of a car for one whole car?

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