Hardware failure on new build suspected

Hi all,

I have upgraded my old system with new mobo, gfx, cpu and memory. It was all running smoothly for hours. I had the odd game crash but i had suspected software failure. However later on in a bit of GTA i had another system lock however this resulted in a BSOD stating hardware failure.

Following this i went into the bios to check temperatures and the cpu was idling at around 45 degrees. I re-seated it using some arctic silver, checked the bios and it was sitting around 40 degrees now. Following booting the system ran fine for around 5 minutes before the screen turned a weird grainy green colour and the whole thing froze. Rebooting and the same happened again after less than a minute. Going into safe mode and the system crashed after a few minutes with a hardware failure BSOD.

Suspecting the GFX card i then swapped this back into my old rig and the thing started fine. To test the HDD i again tried this and it booted into windows no problem and is stable. I have no way of testing the mobo / cpu seperately as they are different chipsets to my old rig, likewise the ram is ddr3 to ddr2 on the old. Speaking of ram i did order the wrong RAM which is 2133mhz and the mobo supports a max of "Memory: 4x DDR3 DIMM 2000(OC) / 1600 / 1333 / 1066 MHz (Max. 16GB) / Dual Channel / Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)". However i can't really see this ebing a problem as the mobo should just underclock the RAM?

So im left with three possible culprits, the mobo, cpu and RAM. If anyone has any ideas id be really greatful. The main symptoms to sum up would be.... game crashes followed by 2 green screens followed by BSOD stating hardware failure and windows refusing to boot in any form but the installation has been verified on another mobo.

Cheers for any help guys!
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  1. Just to quickly add. I tried removing each stick of RAM at a time and booting with one and it did the same both times so i guess if the memory is shot then both sticks are shot.
  2. System specs?
  3. Going from...

    Asus P5N32E mobo / Q6600 / 8800GT / 2gb DDR2 Ram


    Asus P7P55D mobo / Core I5 / Radeon 5850 / 4gb DDR3 Ram

    both running on 570W PSU / same HDD and opticals etc...

    I would have thought if the PSU was at fault then the whole lot would have struggled from the outset? And this PSU is currently running my old system plus the 5850 until i can get the problems sorted.
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