Nvidia +ati configaration

Is it possible to configure ati 5750/5850 as a primary card and 9400gt/8800gt as a physix card??

if these are possible then try to help how to configure,,
for 8800gt +5750/5850 and for 9400gt +5750/5850..
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  1. No.
    nVidia has made sure the drivers will not allow you to run one of their GPUS's as a physix card with an ATI as the primary GPU.
  2. It is possible, however you will need to search for the cracked drivers to do so as Nvidia decided they didn't want to allow you to use one of their cards for PhysX if you were using an ATI card as your graphics accelerator. Here is a link to the article on it.


    I don't know where to find the hack, but hopefully this will get you started. Goodluck!
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