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my motherboard decided to die so i need advice on what to get. i have a q6600 go stepping cpu & 4x1gb ddr2-800 ram & an 8800gt o/c graphics card which can still run most games well.
As cash is quite tight,
i've been looking at decent motherboards which all are priced at just under £60 but there is an sli board at £80 (ASUS P5N-D nForce). so for the difference in price is it worth it as i could keep looking for a 8800gt on ebay & keep things going for not too much outlay.
any advice would be greatfully recieved
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  1. The quality of asus boards is hit or miss. It's never worth it to get the better board unless you want to use all it's features. Even some g31 boards will give you a modest overclock on the q6600, so keep looking.
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