Bitlocker performance drop on SSDs?

I installed the OCZ Vertex Plus 120 GB SSD on a Dell E6510 laptop that requires bitlocker by IT policy. I took benchmarks before and after and noticed a huge drop in some performance numbers. Is this normal?


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    Considering bit locker is drive encryption - you will probably get a performance decrease with it. Although taking that big of a hit is pretty weird.

    If you don't notice the difference with it anyways - I wouldn't worry about synthetic benchmarks too much especially if you cannot see the difference yourself.
  2. It felt weird, esp. that read performed dropped more than write performance and i have a core i7 on the laptop. I didn't use the system much before I encrypted the drive, but I did sense a slight drop in performance. Of course, both beat the socks off the regular hdd I had before. I wonder if over provisioning can help.
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