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should i get the phenom II 955BE or Quad core q8400
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  1. I'm partial to Intel, but if those are your choices, better go with the 955BE. Then get a good motherboard.

    You might be interested in the Core i5 750. :)
  2. Hi.

    1- What is your budget?
    2- What are the other components of the rig?
    3- What is the main purpose of the rig? games, video edition, surf the web
  3. Yes, we need that information to help you better and further. But with the information given, the 955 BE is quite simply a more powerful processor with more cache and an unlocked multiplier (if you like overclocking).
  4. Phenom II no doubt about it.

    1. Its a better cpu.

    2. There is no real good reason to build a new socket 775 Intel system.

    If you are upgrading a current system the AMD is the way to go out of these two cpus.
  5. ^+1.

    IMO, you can build a very solid rig with the AMD processor.

    Take a look of this
  6. i need a gaming rig budget doesnt matter but i dont want a i7
  7. Ok, so, What is your budget?
  8. king game said:
    i need a gaming rig budget doesnt matter but i dont want a i7

    no budget eh? why don't you want an i7?
  9. Then Core i5 or Phenom II 955BE. Neither of them is an i7, so it should be OK.
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    if you are a gamer,,,the amd phenom II 955 will hold its own against intel i7,s....even the i7-920...the i7,s do not tear up the world in gaming, and amds high end, 955 and 965, can perform very well against the i7,s in gaming

    all those that sold there 955 and 965,s for i7, s..bought the expensive motherboards and tri-ram, are in for a rude awaking...i bought a i7 860, and got a 955 phenom...and for gaming, flip a coin

    i also have a athlon II X4 620 with a 9800gt, and i get allmost 12000 in 3dmark6....thats not bad, and got the cpu at frys, clearance for $59..i stole it
  11. @^
    Because games don't typically demand more than a good 3GHz dual core. It's the GPU that's often in the limelight of gaming. The i7 processors are for those who crave the higher end, and have money to burn.

    As for "all those who sold their 955 and 965s", I doubt that there are people who did those to get i7s. If you got a 955, you will most likely not get an i7, because you usually choose one or the other.

    Of course the 955 will perform well in games. Any quad core will most probably perform well in games. There's not much improvement after the 955 and i7-9xx. If you get any higher model, diminishing returns kick in.

    All those who bought i7s are now enjoying their systems, set to run for a good, relatively long, lifetime. I doubt that they are in for a "rude awaking".
  12. the rude awakening is for the gamer,,,those that sold their amd cpus, for the i7, and expected a huge payback...its not there
  13. ok ill go with the phenom II 955 then thx for the advice all of you!
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