Kingston HyperX 120gb vs Corsair Force GT in Raid 0

I am contemplating purchasing either two Kingston HyperX 120gb SSDs or two Corsair force GT 120gb SSDs for raid 0 configuration. My MoBo will most likely be a GigaByte Z68X-UD3H-B3. I have not seen benchmark comparison of these two SSDs in RAID 0. I am particularly interested in the 4k read speeds.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. RAID0 will greatly improve sequential read speeds and not do much for seek times. You probably won't notice a difference from putting the drives in RAID0.

    While there aren't benchies on those two drives head-to-head (unlikely for any pair you pick), go to Toms' last article on the 3 GB/s project and look for how 4k reads scale with number of SSDs in a case that has been benched.
  2. I have the Kingston Hyper X 120 GB for 4 days now, i really have to say that i am impressed with it. The read/write speeds advertised for the drive are real ^^. As for Raid 0...i dont know if its worth it ^^ having in mind that SSDs have more reliability issues then HDDs.
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