Overclocking the fx 4170

Hello community,

while reading forums on the internet, i see threads about people who claimed to have broken the 5000 mhz mark, even one specifically claimed to have with a stock cooler!

Well i just bought a new Zalman 9500A and my fourth and fifth case fan, so now i wish to do some overclocking myself on my Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 and an 850 W Corsair Enthusiast Series

So far i have made it to 4.6 Ghz on stock voltage, which is ~ 1.42 (which i have heard is a pretty high voltage to start with) With temps Idle 15ish C and stressed around 46C

When stress testing 4.7 I immediately get core failures which i assume means raising the voltage. But when i raise the voltage by .025, HW Monitor and OCCT both report idle voltage of 1.47 and a stressed voltage of 1.52!

Apparently 5.2 is the required voltage to run this extra 100 mhz? (i doubt it)

I'm also worried about the fact that my voltage is fluctuating. This computer doesn't run 24/7 but I understand 1.52 is far too high a voltage to retain a healthy cpu lifespan.

any help with overclocking this rig is greatly appreciated :love:
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  1. 15C idle, do you live in the northern parts of canada?

    you may wanna check on that, your CPU cannot be colder than your ambient temperature unless your using special types of cooling
  2. I just checked and the minimum temp is 9C but when i stress it then the temps rise accordingly.

    My rig is in the basement of a cold house and i have an aftermarket hsf plus 5 case fans.

    I dont understand why nobody can believe it. Do you think my mobo sensor system is faulty?

    For the record i have disabled all underclock utilities i know of. However i still see a drop in voltage while im stressing it? Weird...
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    Vdroop, the only counter (if it is unstable that is) is to use load line calibration

    but don't use LLC if your system is stable

    what is the temp of your basement then?
  4. The basement is probably in the low 60s at lowest.
    so if i set LLC to a high setting i wont need to change voltage?
    Btw my voltage drops from 1.42 to 1.34 if thats more than youre thinking?
  5. if it crashes, turn LLC on, if it dosent, leave it off, it's no big deal
  6. Can i run the fx 4170 on 1.52 volts safely?
    how much life span can i expect to sacrifice?
  7. eselar said:
    Can i run the fx 4170 on 1.52 volts safely?
    how much life span can i expect to sacrifice?

    1.52 is a bit exessive, try turning LLC on, and lowering the voltage
  8. Thanks
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