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Hello, Will the nvidia geforce gts250 and core 2 duo e4300 to 1.8ghz run dark void and battlefield bad company 2 good at nice settings.How far can i overclock my core 2 duo. if not what CPU would you reccomend to play battlefield.
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  1. Do you already have these parts or do you plan to purchase a new computer? Or do you have specific parts right now and plan to upgrade or get a new CPU and GPU for what you have now? This affects my advice.
  2. lets see, the GTS 250 is equal to the ATI 4850 in performance, so that card should hold you down fine at a resolution of 1680 X 1050 or lower.

    As far as overclocking the E4300, you may be able to reach 2.9 - 3.1 with a good aftermarket heatsink/fan. I had my E4500 @ 3.3 from stock 2.2 with a xigmatek HDT s1283.

    questions i have are what resolution do you play at? (size of monitor) and do you already have this system like Enzo asked?
  3. Hi i play at 1024 X 720 and that is my PC
  4. @ 1024 x 720, with that CPU & Video card, you will be able to play any of those games no problem. You will get more of a benefit overclocking the E4300. Start here...
  5. Your PC is good enough to play those games at that 1024X720.

    If you experience some lag or slow gameplay then OC your CPU.
  6. Thanks i am going to buy it today
  7. I have an E8200 and a 9800 GT which is about the same as the 250 and i can play bad company at 1680 X 1050 all on maxed out settings no problem you should be fine. And like shub said OC if it lags.
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