195.62 Nvidia drivers killed my card? GTX 280 and 285

Seems after updating to latest nforce mobo (590i) and gfx 195.62 (GTX 280 OC) drivers, my GTX 280 died. 2D worked fine, but going into any 3D app crashed the system immediately.

RMA'd the GTX 280 OC with BFG and was sent a refurb GTX 285 OC. Similar issue, but slightly different symptoms. 2D is fine, but 3D won't work. First tried Crysis, and the game went to title menu screen for a few seconds and crashed. Thereafter, I couldn't start anything in 3D again. The difference is I have several seconds to kill the game process before the whole system goes under. Something else I've noticed is the 285 fan does not speed up anymore. I wasn't keen to observing whether this was the case with the 280. Falling back to earlier, by a few WHQL releases, drivers and using Driver Sweeper yielded no beneficial results.

The 280 was decidedly a bad gfx RAM issue by the tech I spoke with.
BFG is now sending me another card. Suggestions?
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  1. dying board
  2. Weak PSU?
  3. Thanks, but could you be a bit more specific?
    Dying motherboard, or dying graphics board?

    The motherboard is a SLI, though I never used more than one gfx card on it, at a time. Trying the card on the other available PCIe slot yielded no benefit; not that I was confident it would.

    The motherboard is an ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe while the gfx card is currently a BFG GTX 285 OC (B), to recap.
  4. PSU is Corsair HX1000, 1000watt
  5. PSU dying and no longer being to supply the power the card needs for gaming seems like a possibility.
  6. BFG GTX 280 OC was owned since August 2008
    Corsair HX1000 owned since November 2008
    ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe since Auguest 2007
  7. have you tested the system ram? run memtest86+ for couple of hours

    games use more ram than just idling on desktop...
  8. i had many nforce boards die on me like driver error incompatible drivers,not reconnising graphics card.random screen flicker,lag in idle mode not clocking my card up under load, crashing under load, nforce problems i been there.or try memtest as suggested
  9. Do you use Ground-Strap or do you discharge yourself before touching your electronic boards(mb, gpu, cpu, hd)? You may be the one killing your hardware(aka pibcak).

    These drivers are designed to protect the hardware. There is no way it will kill the hardware(on default settings) unless you OC or OV your GPU.

    Are you sure you dont have heat related problem on your GPU?Accumulated dust deposits the clug the cooling of your GPU.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll run some stress tests to check other points of possible failure on the system.

    I'm sure static isn't an issue, this this case. And I had just recently dusted my machine some weeks ago, but I'm more likely to fault dust build up in the gfx card than static discharge.

    I initially had to RMA the ASUS mobo early in its life and the one I now possess was a refurb sent by ASUS. It's been Rock Solid and Heart Touching, but maybe its near its end.

    My tools will be memtest, orthos. ATI Tool, being a 3D app, has be quickly crashing the machine. It seems the problem is progressive. Being able to somewhat start a game and run ATI Tool, at first, then the system being to debilitated to do so, later. I've read in a hardwarecanucks forum about evga owners who OD'd their gfx cards, upgraded drivers and had problems, thereafter. My BFG cards are manufacturer OC'd. Connection?

    Aside from current stress tests, I'll keep the next card away from most recent driver releases, initially.

    Thanks again for the suggestions!
  11. ESD related defects sometimes leave semiconductor on what is called "Walking Wounded State" It doesn't show at the start.... Its a "Keeping me softly or slow death process".

    The stress test(prime95, memtest, furmark..etc) may or may not show ESD related defects at the start...It may take a little bit longer but it will die.

    If you don't ground yourself or discharge yourself prior touching any of your hardware you are potentially damaging your hardware. Your history of failed motherboard and video cards is a concern.

    As i stated before, drivers will not damage video cards or motherboards unless when user OC and OV the hardware beyond recommended specs. Bios and GPU drivers have built in monitors to shutdown the hardware.

    Default settings on drivers will not damage hardware.
  12. Thanks for replies and suggestions.
    Tested a 9800 GTX with no issue and replacement GTX 285 OC from BFC works, as well.
    Now, there's the problem of a squealing noise coming from the GTX 285 OC.
    But I read that's a design flaw. :/
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    elliotm said:
    Thanks for replies and suggestions.
    Tested a 9800 GTX with no issue and replacement GTX 285 OC from BFC works, as well.
    Now, there's the problem of a squealing noise coming from the GTX 285 OC.
    But I read that's a design flaw. :/

    The hum is normal, wont harm anything. It is from resonance in the circuits, some cards have it, some don't.
  14. Thx. I've learned it's commonly referred to as capacitor white/squeal.
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