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Hi everyone,

I have a XFX Double D HD 7950 video card that I have been trying to overclock. Using CCC, I upped the power slide to +20%. However, even at just 900 Mhz core, Furmark is crashing. Based on the reviews I've read, it seems like the 7950s are supposed to overclock to 1000 mhz without needing to play around with voltages.

Did I just get a bad GPU, or is Furmark crashing for reasons other than stability?
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  1. You may need to up the vcore voltage a bit to compensate. use MSI afterburner to modify the voltages
    and this guide Oc your GPU
  2. I just used AB and it's weird, but it seemed like my card's default voltage of only 930 mV. (I thoght the default for 7950 is 1090mV?) Anyway, I upped it to 1000 mV now and testing it for stability
  3. I managed to get it stable for 1000 mhz using 1060 mV. The temperature runs a bit warmer now, and playing metro 2033 for 30 minutes got it to 75 degrees, when it used to be 67-68
  4. raise speed fan gpu for safety
  5. hey how you goin, i've been having troubles with a Gigabyte 7950oc stock at 900/1250 at 1.090V,

    after some testing using furmark/gpuz & gpushark, hwmonitor and 3dmark11 and BF3. I found that at stock clocks using catalyst drivers, overdrive and power @ 20% it was actually around .890v. I got it up to .900 with it on 0%. Not sure what was happening there.

    I was having issues with BF3 @stock settings, but could run 3dmark,but any overclock would result in every different error from 3d mark 11. If i did any o/c the voltage still stayed below 900mv. Once i finally relised even at stock clocks i was nowhere near normal volts. I moved on to Afterburner, manually set it to 1000/1350 @1100mv,which is still only bringing it to 1049mv/1061 peak on Gpu-z and 1090 in hwmonitor.

    Im stable now, i can play bf3 stable at 60 degrees, Furmark is stable at 71 degrees. I just think they have poor voltage regulation. Set the voltages manually for piece of mind. But i still haven't got any control of the power setting on either msi or catalyst. I have checked and seen no changes and vddc or mem voltage and noticed no change at tdw. I think i got a dud in that department.

    Learnt something new i guess.
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