AMD Phenom 955 II with 8gb 1066 DDR2 Memory help


Ok, i seem to be only getting 400 mhz when it can be 1066? the timings are on auto and there all right except the TRC which should be 18, also does that mean 400mhz x2 as its DDR2? and in the Bios i can only select up to 533mhz on Manuel
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  1. Hi.

    1- You have enable Cool'n'Quite.
    2- Yeah, u need set the 533 timings in the BIOS for run the RAM to 1066MHz.
  2. its dual data rate! 533 x 2 = 1066mhz
    DDR = dual data rate.

    sorry i know this post is old as ***.
    but i had to set that straight for any
    wanderers who might stumble on this post for help
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