Noob looking for Voltage Answers.

Hi guys, I'm running a i7-3930k @@4.2Ghz on a Havik 140, idles around 33C, loads at high 60's.
My motherboard(this thread should/would/could've been posted in the motherboard subcategory), is an Asrock Extreme6 X79, and although I have increased the multiplier, the voltages float up on their own. I'm running prime right now, and the current voltage is 1.288V, compared to 1.2V stock. I haven't changed any voltage settings in the BIOS AT ALL. Why is this happening? :sweat:
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  1. If you haven't changed anything then it's probably an automatic voltage feature. It will go up/down depending on how much the CPU is being/not being used. You can probably turn it off on the BIOS.
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    Manually set the cpu voltage to 1.2v in the bios and re check while running prime.

    The mobo is auto adjusting the voltage, possibly for stability as mentioned above.

    You may find @1.2v its not stable and you may need to manually bump it up until it is.

    1.2v may not be your stock voltage, if you haven't chabged anything and everythings on autos 1.288v may be your default load voltage.

    Set everything to stock/default speeds, load up prime95 and check the cpu voltage, that will be your cpu's default voltage.
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