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My daughter is currently using a dell dimension 4600 but is getting a laptop as she heads off to college (dartmouth YAY!!!!) The computer has a 2.6 Ghz intel pentium 4 but a mere 512 MB of Ram. Is it worth it to go up to 2 GB of RAM for around 78 dollars or should we just retire it?
Thanks for your help!!!!!
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  1. Yes upgrading the ram to 2gb will definitely move things along faster.
    That model can take 4gb of ram though 2 would be more then enough.
    I assume it's running XP and with more ram it will be viable for surfing and other apps.
    I think it's still worth it till 2012 when XP becomes unsupported.
    I'm still running an older Dimension with a P4 and 1gb of ram supported and it's fine for internet activities.
  2. Thats what i was thinking a solid computer for 2 years is worth 78 dollars thanks for the response! And its running XP so 4 GB is more than the OS can read
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