Unable to enable \ICS Service\Security\Firewall\CyptographicServic

We attempted to download and install Win IE 8/9; and then the fun began! We have practically begun to recover.......Lost all Icons from desktop...now we
have no visible Start-up toolbar.......Windows Installer is not working.....Can't access Windows Fix-it Center?...we can, nothing seems to work.......none of our request to Microsoft Support have offered a suitable solution.....tried yesterday to initiate over ten new solution codes=yet, nothing is budging! I had just run a complete ACS scan of our WIN xp-sp3 SYSTEM prior to this action... completely beyond our capability........I currently am operating in Safe Mode in an attempt to begin to make some sense out of this mess....In the ten years, since I have had this Sony Vaio -{RX650} I have never encountered such a problem__we've run virus scans with ACS Analyzer, DONE COMPLETE CLEANING AND prioritized everything that I know to do. We are using Trend Titanium 2012 Security. Is there any possibility that there is some unknown Geek or Techno that can provide much needed assist__This has become a perilous and mysterious trek! We've been pursuing answers for over ten days, as schedule permits. In hope that some one might be able to point us in the right direction.......
Rev. Jerry L. Robertson (jldd21@charter.net)
P.S. We're using Firefox as primary browser; followed by Google-Chrome and Opera which have been synced, then of course that required updating Win IE!
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  1. Did you actually INSTALL it or did you just download it? IE 8 OR IE9 or BOTH? (You should not have IE9- it doesn't work with XP, so we should be talking about IE8 only)

    Did you download it directly from MS?

    How big is your harddrive? How much free space does it currently have?
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