AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4ghz overclock

Hi, new to this overclocking thing so keep that in mind.
Right, I've got a gigabyte 970A-UD3 motherboard attatched to this CPU, a Radeon HD 6850, two ripjaws each with 4gb of ram and all of this inside a coolermaster haf x case. Just stock fans along with a stock heatsink.
Now I've managed to overclock it using AMD overdrive to a stable 3792.5 Mhz (close enough to 3.8, right?) after much tweaking and crashing with the average temps of 50C-55C when idle and 68-70 when doing a stability test. Now looking through various sites I've found these temperatures are quite high for this CPU even by overclocking standards, I've also found people getting to 4.1ghz and remaining stable without breaking so much as a sweat. Believe me, when I found out I swore so loud it echoed through the street.
Any advice offered would be much appreciated, not even sure how to begin approaching video cards, motherboard chipsets, and RAM. I've only looked at the CPU and as you can see thats gone less than satisfactory. Also, crashed afew times while using overdrive. Now, being a paranoid sort I can't help but wonder if I've damaged my components and if I had would it always be blatant or would it be something that would crop up to bite me in the ass later?
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  1. better temps will come from an aftermarket heatsink and fan, better thermalgrease and using the proper application of the grease of a pea amount on the cpu die then evenly placing the heatsink down ontop and clamping it.
  2. Already used thermal gel on the cpu/heatsink but yeah, I should definitely replace the heatsink and the fans.
    Sorry, another quick question. The voltage supplied to the NB VID is set at 1.200. I've looked on other sites and got the impression this was within safe parameters but overdrive seems to think otherwise and has highlighted it in orange.
    Is it safe or not?
  3. Just did, as far as I can tell it would be helpful with general overclocking but doesn't address my issue with the NB VID. I'm asking if 1.200V is unsafe for the NB VID considering my hardware. AMD Overdrive highlighted the NB VID voltage in orange but I've seen sites that suggest its well below an unsafe voltage.
    What would the max voltage be?
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