Not sure if i am in the right area

ok.. i changed my rig from windows xp to windows 7 a couple of years ago and was told at the time i needed Marvel drivers for my RAID.. i got those drivers, but i am having lockups now days and I believe its due to old drivers after testing hardware (not sure which old drivers)

i am now not sure if I even needed those Marvel drivers to run anything or if my nforce chipset drivers would contain what i need and maybe thats the conflict...

anyone point me in the right direction?

I have a SATA II hardrive
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  1. yes, go out the door left on elm down two blocks it will be on your right
  2. did you have a marvell controller card on your mobo? is this the completely same hardware? if so check the mobo maker's website.
  3. i have no clue if I had a Marvel Controller card lol.. I posted what I had on this site and a forum guy posted drivers i would need for Windows 7 64 from windows xp 32 bit.

    I have checked Asus, who made the mobo, but the literally stopped putting software and drivers out 4 months after I purchased this computer brand new...
  4. well... in that case I would use the drivers they have...
  5. no windows 7 drivers there..

    I guess should i just use the Vista 64 drivers..

    there is one SATA driver from 2007.. should i uninstall the Marvel drivers I have and install that driver?
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