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i just built my system today, and everything powers up fine, and i am currently installing windows 7 64 bit home premium, but only half of my monitor is showing a picture(the left side is completely black). Is it because of my graphics card? i have a hd 5850 with dvi to hdmi hooked up to a 28in hanns g 1920x1200 res monitor? any help is appreciated
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  1. Most likely your monitor isn't auto-adjusting correctly. Install everything first and see if you can adjust the display afterward.
  2. Several questions need to be asked.
    Is that a brand new display that you've never used any where else?

    Is half meaning, that the computer is only using half the display but no pixels are missing, or half that it's trying to use the entire width but half is dark and missing?

    Also is the cut off, perfectly sharp to one pixel, or a bit fuzzy. I ask the last question as I repair laptops for a living and some of the larger displays actually have two back lights and if one goes out, that half of the screen goes super dim with a fuzzy transition across the center.

    What connection are you using? The auto-adjusting question only applies if you are foolishing using a VGA (anolog!) connector for you digital flat panel.
  3. the right half shows perfectly, the left half is black. the line is very defined and not fuzzy at all. i hooked it up to my other pc and it did the exact same thing.
  4. i'm thinking it's you monitor...

    are there aspect ratio etc settings that you might be overlooking?

    try to find 1:1 and make sure the card is outputing the proper resolution.

    also is it that the image is small? or is half of the desktop just missing
  5. half the desktop is missing, the signal is outputting at 1920x1200 but i can only see the right half of my desktop, the left side is black, its exactly split in the middle. i had to move my windows task bar because i couldn't get to the start menu as that is on the bottom left by default. my wife tried it on her pc and it displayed the same way, only half of windows even showing
  6. even when i hit the monitor options buttons it will pop up in the middle with just half the box showing, so its like half the monitor is completely dead, i have to move my internet windows over to the right side, i can actually slide them into the abyss, so stuff exists on the left side, you just can't see it. like i can click on stuff over in the blackened abyss and it will still start up. so its not a full visible desktop on half a screen, its a full screen with only half the desktop lit up. anything, like when i start up or hit monitor contrast etc.. options only the right half shows up if its in the middle and anything that crosses the middle line is not showing, it was doing the exact same thing before during and after i had an os installed
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