Hard Drive broken need urgent help!

So today I wanted i got a new HDMI cable and i wanted to switch it with my old DVI cable. When i inserted the cable into the the video cards slot i heard some cables getting into the GPUs fan. Fearing it may damage the card I turned off the power switch on my PSU. When i restarted the computer i got the error message that Windows didn't shut down properly the last time so I proceeded to start Windows normally i got some kind of blue screen which i wasn't able to read due to Windows immediately crashing. Now everytime I try to start the computer I get the error message saying that a recent hardware or software change caused the error. Whenever i try to start Windows I still get a blue screen and the computer crashes. I ran the smart test in the BIOS setup and it said that my hard drive had a SMART Error. When i try to use the startup recovery and look for drivers it cant open my :C directory even though it recognizes the :F Windows Vista backup Recovery directory provided by HP. I simply don't know what to do now my hard drive always ran perfectly and now this happens. Also my warranty on the computer expired this summer.
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  1. I'm not sure how switching a DVI cable with a HDMI cable caused something to jam up your GPU fan, considering those cables are on the outside of your computer.

    Have you tried booting into safe mode? You need to press F8 (sometimes excessively) just after the bios posting. If done properly you will see a windows boot menu. Choose safe mode. If it makes it into safe mode, check your event viewer for problems.

    If you can't get that to work, you can try moving the hard drive to another system as a slave and run chkdsk on it.
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