Installing 2 Hard Drives HELP

I want to install 2 Hard Drives, one to boot up and one for storage.
I installed both and it boots up from my storage. The one with Windows XP on it is not detected in BIOS only the one that is empty.
Both are SATA
My computer is a HP Pavilion a142On
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  1. ?? If I read you correctly, it's booting from an empty drive. I'm missing something ??

    Some background would be helpful. Is this a new machine, or did it run for years with another installation of the OS? Are these two brand-new hard drives, or were they used before, and was the one that you intend to use for storage bootable?

    The simplest answer may be to go into BIOS and set your boot order, but I'm not sure exactly what you are asking here. In the simplest case, the BIOS has settings for which disk to select during the bot process.

    In the most complex case, you had a running OS on the drive that you intend to use for storage, and both drives were running when you installed the OS on the other drive. In that case, the boot starts from the boot sector on the "storage" drive and then moves to the OS install on the OS drive but, as I said, this is the most complex case.
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    When you install Windows 7, it will create a small (~100MB) boot partition on another drive if it can find one. The solution is to disconnect everything EXCEPT the OS drive when you install Windows.

    If you've already installed Windows and have the boot partition on the other drive, there's no easy way to change it, other than to reinstall Windows again, this time with the other drive disconnected.
  3. Thanks guys! Turns out my hard drive is failing. I thought I could use it for storage but I can't. I only have the new drive in there now and just installed an OS on it.
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