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hey all, first post here, longtime reader.

so i've purchased a new system, should be arriving tomorrow for assembly.

the heatsink in question is the coolermaster hyper 212+ on an i7 860.

the case in question is the lancool k62 - one rear exhaust, two top exhausts, one front intake.

i've been wondering what the best orientation for the heatsink would be. the hyper is a one fan solution. i've been thinking (and have read) that i should position the fan to point to the front - this (theoretically) would draw the heat out so that the top exhausts can take it out. but i've also noticed that tom's latest i5 750S review has their setup with the fan pointed towards the rear (facing the rear exhaust in my case).

so here is a diagram i've made with my case. the four different coloured thin rectangles are the four possible fan positions.

thanks all. all help very appreciated.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    IMO you should install the Hyper 212+ with the fan in the blue site, with this you can the exhaust read fan and exhaust top 1 fan in the side that don't have fan.
  2. I'd tend to try something innovative and use the rear fan and top fan1 as exhausts, and the top fan2 as an inlet ... orientate the cooler so it is drawing air from the right andpushing it left and out the back (and top rear).

    Why ... well the front case fan at the bottom pulls in cool air which heats as it passes over the graphics card and other internal components ... therefore it is warmer by the time it reaches the CPU cooler.

    This way the CPU cooler pulls in its own cold air straight from the top.

    Try a few things for yourself too ... have fun.
  3. General opinion is to have the fan in either the blue or yello position blowing air towards to rear of the case.
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