Can't access memory section in BIOS


I tryed looking for this answer for some time now, I wanted to changed my ram voltage in BIOS. But can't really access it, its grayed out in the BIOS itself. So I looked a bit more and saw there is 2 different options for BIOS, manual and auto. Really didn't understand much out of it and thought there's lock on it.

If there is "lock", is it possible to change it to manual? Or there's no way to change memory settings at all when PC isnt homebuilt.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    By default all the options are in auto that means that the mobo select the best configuration for the components.

    Now if u want change the voltage or some specifications of the RAM or CPU u need change the "Auto" for "Manual" and with that the mobo give to u the option of change all that u need.
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