have a HDMI port on my monitor but not on the back of my pc? Is there a certain adapter i need for this? I have a brand new custome built pc?
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  1. Do you have a DVI port? there is a small adapter that will change a DVI to an HDMI. Do you have any other ports on your monitor other than the HDMI that you could use instead so that you dont need an adapter?
  2. I have a DVI cable hooked up now.I wanted to upgrade picture quality on my monitor.Unless i dont need the HDMI?I do have DVI signal cable, HDMI,VGA
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    DVI and HDMI carry identical signals, HDMI just uses a smaller connector and carries audio as well but using HDMI instead will not increase your picture quality at all. Either cable(assuming its a dual link DVI) will support up to 2560x1600 which is as high as they go these days.
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  5. thanx for the info
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