Hello, I have what i consider to be a great computer that has recently had its motherboard die on me (according to a repair guy). The computer has a i7 intel chipset (920), 8GB Ram, ATI 5750 gfx card.
Anyway, i now have to replace the motherboard, a ASUS P6T SE and i was wondering, being still very new to computers, if buying a more expensive (and presumably a better) motherboard would be of any advantage.

Now i understand that a motherboards quality varies depending on what it is compatiable with, and how many extra slots it had for extra gprahics cards and RAM sticks (so basically, how upgradeable it is) but all those obvious advantages aside, what other advnatges come with a better motherboard.

Now, in case my question still doesnt make sense in the context i want it to, let me explain it differently.
Lets assume i have 2 motherboards, one that is on paper, better than the other, and lets says i use the exaxt same hardware with each one, would one of the motherboards out perform the other? And if so, in what way?

Thankyou in advance for asking my very nooby question :)
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Only with one word u can know the answer: Components.
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