How to increase my Laptop wireless range?

Hello, i don´t know if there´s a device to improve the wireless range of my laptop, i mean, something that allows me to "catch" longer Wifi spots, so far away from home.

I think there must be something out there, expensive but it exists, i´m not talking about a router/modem, so i hope you can help me!

For example, i found something on ebay

Something like that that can be plugged to the computer to improve the range of my lap, thanks!
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  1. You could spend money or you could spend some time optimising your wireless setup.

    Raise the router above furniture level, experiment with channels, choose a channel 5 stops away from strongest neighbouring wifi, relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from computer or router.
  2. I am also interested in this question. I work in a small security booth and all i get is a one to zero bar signal and i was experimenting with store bought wireless extenders (aka the cisco wireless usbs that come with the usb to usb extender) but none has seemed to work. I am still doing some research and some searching on the net on how to *catch* a better signal. If i find anything i will defiantly fill you in.
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