Difference between xms3 and vengeance

i have a windows 7 64bts system mb asus p8p67 pro ram 4gb xms3 1600 and 8gb vengeance 1600 is there a problem with running these two types of ram in my system
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  1. No you would just have to tweak the settings in bios.
    I don't know you're exact kit specs but they make compatible kits for those models.
    For example.
    You wouldn't have much to do if you had these particular kits set-up wise.
  2. Actually... Mixing of RAM, especially DDR3 RAM is NOT recommended because it often will not work as Corsair tech advises on their forums. If you're felling lucky you can give it a try but you may end up with two RAM kits that simple will not function properly together.

    Corsair and most other RAM suppliers make it perfectly clear that they do not guarantee mixed RAM to function at all so it's a crapshoot when mixing.
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