Hello this is my second question to tom hardware.
I have a 450watt power supply and I wanted to know wether my graphic card can be overclocked. idle temp ranges from 45 to 50 degree and 60 degree on load. so please tell me can I overclock it and also tell the maximum range of overclocking
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  1. You really will not see any tangible benefit from overclocking this card. but 80 C should be where it tops out.
  2. agree and maybe below 75 to b in the safe zone :D
  3. hey guys !!!!!!!!! sorry for the delay
    I jus wanted to ask what overclocks should I use .
  4. Tell us what model and brand that your power supply is. If you only come back saying it is 450w and nothing else people won't like want to take the time to help. Cheap power supplies make for a lot of headaches and lost time.

    Second the other limiting factor for this card will be the pci-e slot as power is usually limited to just 75w per pci-e slot while some allow for up to 95w but it is usually unlisted.

    Beyond that you are on your own when it comes to final clocks. Get msi afterburner if you get that working and give it a try.
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