Urgent: HDD Not Found on New Build?

Hey guys, I just put Windows 7 into my cd drive and was about to begin installation of the OS, and it asked for my HDD, gave me what appeared to be a box with a list of drives. The list was empty. I clicked rescan and it asked for a device driver to be insterted, which my HDD was OEM so it didn't come with one. Any idea of what I can do here or what I should try?

Used the red SATA cable that came with my motherboard and connected the molex (I believe) to the HDD. Here is my HDD and mobo:

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  1. Does the BIOS see the drive? And drivers don't come with the hdd, they are needed for the controller. If windows can talk to the controller, then it will install on anything that is connected at the other end, because it is the controller that drives the HDD, not windows.

    Just put the CD that you get with your motherboard or download the correct one on MSI web site.
  2. I can't get online lol, so I can't download anything, but I'll try inserting the motherboard CD first. After that, if I have to go back in and see if it 'sees' the drive, where do I check for it?

    EDIT: I insterted the MSI disc and all, it says 'boot failed', so where do I go to see if I can find the HDD in BIOS?
  3. when you start the installation, and that windows ask for drivers, this is where you install the cd. after that, you insert back the Windows install cd to continue the installation.

    In your motherboard, you should have a section about the BIOS and how to get there (often it is done by holding the "del" key at post. there is a place where you can have the drive info
  4. I tried that Pat, in the first paragraph. It said the mobo CD had no drivers on it to download.

    About that, I know how to get to BIOS, but where in BIOS do I look for the HDD?
  5. I called WDC Tech Support and the Indian guy whom I could barely understand told me to put a "jampashant" (you can guess what that is) cable in between the HDD and mobo. If that doesn't work, though, and I have to RMA it, will my old Western Digital WD600 HDD work until I get my new one? If so, I'll go ahead and install it now for the time I have to wait so I'll at least have something usable.
  6. bump for an answer as to how to get my old WD600 HDD with Windows XP and lots of old programs on it to work?
  7. If the drive is sata, plug it in instead of the blue drive and it should work. You'll have to install new drivers and clean the old drives off though
  8. the old one is IDE. I'm taking the whole thing to a computer repair shop tomorrow to diagnose.
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