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Which SSD should I get for Oblivion?
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  1. Best one ya can afford ... (see chart linked below) to I don't expect it will change the gaming experience.,3070-6.html
  2. It will, my Windows experience index has my HDD at 5.9 , while my cpu is 7.3 and my RAM is 7.5 and GPU at 6.3.
    New area loading stutter can be eliminated maybe, with a SSD. Only thing I am worried about, is the high failure rate of SSD drives. That and the high cost. I want to only spend $100.

    I have the Elswyr mod loaded, height maps of most of the other provinces, LOD of the surrounding provinces and Morrowind. Everything is on high settings. Definitely would speed loads up. Its the only game I notice any stutter.
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