Will a san ace h101 blow evga x58 fan headers

I was wondering if a san ace h101 would blow the evga x58 fan header (cpu fan header) the fan headers on the mobo handle 1 amp from what i understand but if im wrong let me know. i just need to know so i know whether or not to buy a fan controller. thank you
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  1. you should never put a high amp fan on a mobo header. Really never put the san ace on your mobo header Instead get a good fan controller and undervolt it. Even if your mobo could take it, its not a good idea.
  2. I see you put this same question in the EVGA forums. However you provided a link to the fan in question.

    You ask if the rated current in amps is what you should go by, listed as 0.38A .

    I would say this info is correct as the the Rated voltage of 12V and the Rated Input in watts is 4.56W .

    Remember, Watts = Voltage X Current. Or 12V X 0.38A = 4.56 watts.

    So is it safe??? Yes, you will be only pulling 0.38 amps from the MB header.
  3. If the amperage draw of the fan is less than the MoBo's header rating, you're fine. Leave some room as inrush current can be 6 times higher than running current .... generally not an issue as it's only momentary.....but if draw was 0.98 amps, I'd say not enuff cushion.
  4. LIsten to me, san ace have very high amp, you should never put it on your mobo header. Many have tried and they have fried their header because of the high amp of the san ace. They are wonderful fan but get a decent fan contorller and put it on it and you will have no problem at all and you will just need to turn a knob instead of using some software to make it run a little slower cause even with headphones, they are loud so when you are not gaming or benchmarking you will want to turn them down a bit.
  5. snorojr.... You are both Right and WRONG. Although the OP fails to give a link in this thread, In the EVGA forums thread, he gives this link to the fan he intends on purchasing....


    If you go to that link you will see that it is the H1011 model and NOT the G101(1011) or E101(1011) model he is looking at. Maybe he is in fact choosing the wrong model. But anyway, the one he is referencing is a slower speed model WITH lower amperage requirements.

    See this PDF for all models and their specs.


    So, if the OP stays with his originally chosen fan, it is still safe to use on the MB header.
  6. BTW, the only SANYO DENKI fan that chilled pc offers is the 9G1212H1011 model.
  7. i know which fan he is talking and even the h1011 is a bit too much. Even if evga say this fan can be put on the mobo header. I wouldnt, its just playing with death. You are right at the limit of safety with the h1011. Also he is choosing the right model. The G series and E series would make way too much noise for the twenty more cfm they make. The h series is just perfect, push alot of air and is not a jet sounding fan at full speed and they undervolt very well and can make about 25-30dba at 5volt which is about the same as a medium speed fan but the san ace h1011 will push more air at that level of dba.

    Atlast, it might depend if he connect just one san ace to his mob that would be enough safe but not if he connect 2 or more
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