Faulty Onboard VGA Chipset??

PC Specs:
Biostar Nvdia Geforce 6100 NFS61S Micro AM2 SE Motherboard
6000 + AMD Dual Core Processor
2 GB Kingston DDR2 RAM
Aerocool Horsepower 500W PowerSupply
300 GB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive
40X Samsung DVD Rewritable Drive
Linksys WMP300N Wireless PCI Card

I have been using my onboard VGA chipset for two years now without any issues until now!
Only recently, I had discovered the display screen randomly flick with a dark shadow going from top to bottom and then the worst came yesterday when each alphabet or icon being highlighted with an intense glare and I had to manually highlight every word on the internet otherwise it is difficult to read! However, the strange lighting effect only applies to alphabet and icons but not video etc. I also had checked the display cable and ensured that it is tightly secured but still it did not work!
Could it be that my mobo display chipset is getting faulty? If it isn't, how can I fix it?
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  1. Borrow another monitor first. Also try resetting the display settings to default. With LCD's, sometimes the backlight fails.
  2. Thanks!! Got the problem fixed!! It's due to my faulty monitor!
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