Why does my monitor not turn on

i installed a new video card on pci express monitoe shows system memory changed so i rebooted to go to bios then it says system unable t start afterwards no signal to monitor.even with the on bord video card
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  1. HI
    1. did you uninstall the other card from the device manager
    2. did you down load the correct drivers for the new card
    3.The system merory stores the configuration all devices if you simply pull the card out and replace it the computer wont recognize the new card.
  2. I just had this similar issue. I just plugged my 22" samsung (1680x1050) from the usual 24" Acer(1920x120). The 22" Samsung wasn't detected right away. I rebooted several times, rechecked the connection(D-Sub, DVI-D will be used shortly) and it came on.
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