Quad 775 CPU Recommendations for ConRoeXFire-eSATA2

Hey all, im not much of a hardware monkey, but iv been trying my best, my Desktop is in desperate need of a refreshment, i need advice for an affordable quad CPU.

At present my system is:

MOBO: ConRoeXFire-eSATA2
CURRENT CPU: Pentium D Duel core 3.2ghz
GFX CARD: ATI Radeon x1600

Right heres the deal, im Buying a new GFX card & CPU, i think i have my heart set on the ATI Radeon 5770 for GFX, but i cant decide what to have Quad CPU wise, since its a 775 socket, i have been told by friends that the best quad to get is the Intel Core 2 quad 6600, its in my price range and seems alright, but 3 years out of date! so i started trying to learn as much as possible about CPU's today to buy soon (since i have Battlefield bad company 2 on pre order)

I came across the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 for about the same price which seems much more up-to date than the 6600, but then i got told that my mobo wouldnt support anything from wolfdale or Yorkfield, and after a quick wikipedia of the Q9400 saw it was yorkfield!

This is about where i got really confused, and really need you guys help to find a CPU for my mobo at around about £140 - £150.

Thanks a ton :)

- Tom
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  1. The only lga775 quads you should be looking at is a Q9xxx preferably the Q9550 or Q9650 they almost match up to an I5 system. But like you found out wont support wolfdales or yorkfields. So your only option is the Q6600.

    What CPU do you have at the moment?
  2. Oh i missed my CPU, its pants, its a Pentium D Duel core 3.2ghz, I was looking at the i5, but obviously from today's research it won't fit my socket, i would like to buy a Q9xxx, how would i know if my mobo supports them? the socket seems the same...
    Thing is the guy that i got my mobo off, told me it wont support wolfdales or yorkfields, so im kind of trusting his judgement...

    is the Q6600 a decent CPU for today's fast paces FPS games?


    - Tom
  3. He is right the Q9xxx wont work. The Q6600 is a ok processor but IMO i wouldn't get one. Your best choice would be to save up another 100 and go with an AMD phenomII x4955BE which goes for 160 then get a nice AMD Mobo for 60 to 100 and reuse the ram you got for around 250 to 300 would be a better choice. And will be faster then a Q6600 and the AMD overclocks very nicely with ease.
  4. q6600 will keep you going for a good while, i doubt your mobo would OC, depends on budget, if you are stuck at sub £150 then Q6600, but the question is finding one. Saaiello seems to contribute mostly buy an amd at the moment.
  5. If you can oc it the q6600 is a fantastic cpu and is overkill for even a 5770 (if you oc to 3ghz and above).

    Gpu matters much more than cpu for gaming. If the q6600 is decently priced you could go for that and be good for another few years (assuming your mobo can oc). :)
  6. Ah ausom, thanks guys, i found a Q6600 on ebay, but its a "SLACR STE G0" version, does that make any difference? also, would my mobo support the Q6600?
    Its got the latest BIO's updates..

    Im looking on the Supported CPU list and cant see it :S


    Also i looked on the Asrock supported GPU List and couldn't see the ATI Radeon 5770 i want to get..
    Or do you think its Asrock not updating there lists on the website!?

    Thanks again :)
  7. well that Asrock board is an old board the Q6600 should work fine same with the 5770 its not on the support list because it wasnt around when that board came out. Like i posted before go for an AMD your motherboard dosent even support DDR2 800 ram. Save your money and do a real upgrade its not worth throwing a quad onto that motherboard.
  8. That's what i was thinking, its just a bitch, as i recently changed to this mobo, as my old board before this had RAM issues :/
    Like i said, im new to hardware :( haha

    Thanks a ton for the help

    I still dont know what im going to do :S
  9. Doh, yeah that mobo is definitely worse than I thought. :)

    You'll probably be better off going amd as mentioned or a new intel (i3/i5) mobo/cpu. Whatever fits your budget best. :)
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