GTX 295 Restart Issues

I'm running a PNY GTX 295 plugged into an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard. It is accompanied by a Q9650, 8GB Corsair dominator ddr2 1066, and running vista 64 ultimate. My problem is this: any time i restart my machine for any reason, it will not output a display. I can hear windows start up, sounds and all, but I cannot bring a display up. I get a longer than normal beep during boot. I put my old ati x1800xl in for testing, and it will start up fine every time. Anyone have any ideas on what i can do to fix this? It's pretty irritating, especially with windows update. Thanks.
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  1. GTX 295 = 194 watts
    ATI 1800XL = 48 watts

    Did you plug twin PCI-E cables from your PSU into the 295 ? I needs a 8 pin and a 6 pin.
  2. Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750. Yes both the cables are plugged in.
  3. Grendd said:
    My problem is this: any time i restart my machine for any reason, it will not output a display.

    So if you turn the system off completely then start it up right away this does not happen?

    I can hear windows start up, sounds and all

    If you are getting a full boot, then your system doesn't know the video isn't working... and that makes me think the video card itself thinks it's working. If you turn your monitor off then back on, while this is happening, do you get a "no signal" type message?
  4. If at any time i turn the system off for any reason, it wont come back up unless I wait an hour plus. I get a no signal message from the get go... no boot screen etc. The long beep corresponds to the POST code 26, which according to my book is "Init onboard clock generator and sensor." More thoughts? Thanks for the response(s).
  5. What are your GPU temperatures like?
  6. An hour plus wait time indicates a PSU issue. It's the only part that takes that long to cool down. My guess would be the 12V current being supplied to your GPU is not stable enough to pass some start up check the video card does... once the PSU is cooled down it is stable enough to pass the video card check and so video initializes.

    That does not mean the PSU is at fault. It could also be that the video card is being too picky. Of course it's all just a guess. Check all you connections carefully, including re-seating the card.
  7. According to nvidia monitor it runs around 85 degrees under load (crysis, etc). Another problem i have is all the nvidia software quit working on my computer, so i cant use it to monitor any longer. It dosent feel overly hot to the touch though. I'll go through and try using different PCIe cables on the video card and see if that helps. Thanks again.
  8. Well, changing the power cables and the PCIe slot did not make a difference. Is 750w possibly insufficient? Im only running one hard drive, one optical, etc. I have not tried reinstalling the drivers, but I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the nVidia tools software.
  9. 750w is plenty...i'm running one from corsair on my setup and it's the same as yours essentially.
  10. Foolycooly you have just the 6 pin and 8 pin connectors hooked up to your 295 right? Nothing im missing here?
  11. Yeah, after talking repeatedly with PNY tech support, they recommend RMA as well. I hate stuff I can't fix.
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