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hello everyone..
i'm a gamer (sort of) and i'm having nightmares about getting the perfect configuration for an amazing gaming rig.
please help me out..

somebody told me that AMD processors are good than INTEL for gaming.. is this true? please suggest the perfect config. for an extreme pc.. i'm even looking forward to overclocking.. also suggest the motherboard that should go along with a powerful processor for power packed gaming..

thanks to all..
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  1. What resolution will you be playing at? Once you are at about 1920x1080 the limit is on the GPU so a Phenom II x4 or a core i5 or core i7 will all end up within 5 FPS of each other. It really depends on your budget and whether you intend to do other CPU intensive tasks with your rig, if you plan to do some video encoding too then one of the new intel processors would do better. But for gaming alone there isnt much of a performance difference between an intel and an AMD processor.
  2. but won't the resolution also depend upon the monitor that i buy? i'm looking forward to a hd monitor 24 inches.. and xfx 5770 along with it.. so would that be worth spending about 1100$ ?
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    How about 2xHD5770 in Xfire x16/x16 mode?

    Here are the parts: (all from newegg)

    AMD Phenom II X4 955:

    MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3:

    Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB):

    2x Radeon HD 5770:

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3:

    Antec TPQ-850 850W Continuous Power:

    All in total is $1004

    these two 5770 cost $310 and are equal to HD 5870 ( the 5870 cost $400) and will run x16/x16 on that mobo rather than x8/x8 which is limiting performance

    As for the RAM i really don't think you will need more than 4gb in the next 1-2 years. After 2 years you could buy another 2x2gb set
  4. sypherblade said:
    but won't the resolution also depend upon the monitor that i buy? i'm looking forward to a hd monitor 24 inches.. and xfx 5770 along with it.. so would that be worth spending about 1100$ ?

    His point was the higher the resolution ( like on 24" monitor ) the higher the demand for gpu power rather than cpu. Lower resolution - less gpu power and better cpu required
  5. What pricerange are you looking at?
    You kinda need to give us that information unless you don't have one. In which case get two 5970s in crossfire with an intel i7 975 extreme edition for a cost of $2400 for the CPU and graphics cards alone.

    If you have a reasonable budget I agree with unknown 13. With a couple exceptions.
    1. A single GPU will provide more consistent performance across more games. You could save $80 on the motherboard if you decide to go with a single 5870 instead.
    2. An 850W power supply is more than you'll need for sure. Even if you decide to get two 5770 a good antec, OCZ or corsair 600W power supply will be more than enough.

    I'm pretty sure that 8x/8x mode does not reduce performance by a significant amount even if you have two 5870s. It certainly will be no measurable with two 5770s
  6. Why don't you start out by pointing out what budget you are looking at, what games you will be played, what kind of HD...i or p...because for 1080i you can buy a 6800 ultra for 20bucks and it will be fine. 1080p is a different story. What expectations do you have from this computer? longevity?, upgradability, overclocking, bragging...?
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  8. the main features that i'll be requiring are basically overclocking and performance.. performance strictly for gaming purposes.. and thanks to unknown 13.. the budget is about 1100$.. maybe 1300$ but not more than that for sure.. so will the configuration that UNKNOWN 13 mentioned be worth it?
  9. yes, very worth it
  10. thanks to all for the help..
  11. ;)
    Glad i could help.
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