How to reformat MIT-LYN01

I assume that I have an old packard bell laptop and this computer was given to me by a friend. It is a Packard Bell EasyNote E5318 MIT-LYN01. The computer itself needs a complete overhaul and my friend lost the master cd. What can I do to rectify the problem I face? I've tried looking online but there seems to be no advice/help whatsoever.
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  1. How old is that thing? I'm going to guess it's something of an antique?

    You can flip it over to see if you can find a service tag. If you do you can try to contact Packard Bell to see if you can get a replacement CD. At this late date, I doubt it, and I also doubt it'd be free.

    If that fails and you are determined to resurrect it, I'd start fiddling around with Linux distros to see if I could get it back on the road again. Laptop BIOS and hardware, though can be VERY snarky.

    I would invest exactly $0 into trying to bring it back to life. Time, sure, for the hell of it, but exactly no money.
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