Alienware motherboard support SLI?

I have an Alienware Aurora with the Alienware 0H869M motherboard. This board has multiple PCI-E slots, but I don't know if it supports SLI for dual graphics cards. Can anyone tell if I can use two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards with this motherboard? Thanks.
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  1. If you're running an i7 900 series CPU then it should work. If it's an i5 750/i7 800 you may not be able to.
  2. I don't think so Lmeow, because both X58 and P55 motherboards support SLI/CF.
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    ^ I thought so too, but I found out that a few P55 boards don't support SLI, if Alienware didn't bother paying premium for SLI capability (this is an assumption, OEMs wouldn't want to pay what the customer didn't specifically ask). Like the P55A-UD3R and EVGA P55 LE for example. But then again, you're probably right in the sense that Alienware is pretty high-end and would have used an SLI-ready board.

    I looked it up and it should support SLI as that motherboard uses an i7 900 chip, despite the fact that the only people which have that motherboard seem to be using HD 5870 CFX.
  4. hmm i didn't know that, but you are right, i looked at P55A-UD3R and it only supports CF, so i think few P55 models(especially the first P55 boards) support CrossFire only, thanks for pointing it out.
    But AW always have liked and likes both SLI/CF in their desktops :D
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